Month: June 2016

5 Reasons to Payoff Your Mortgage Early

Before I get into my reasoning for early mortgage payoff, let's talk a minute about the view from the other side.  This is an age-old argument - probably [...]

Investing – Where Your Extra Money Should Go

So, you've gotten out of debt (hurray!) and, in doing so, created a budget.  Now what do you do with all of this extra money that is no longer going to things [...]

The Only Parenting Advice You ABSOLUTELY MUST Follow!

Every parent has their own litany of experiences and their own "lessons learned."  Some of these will be the result of a single "aha!" moment... most will be [...]

Mowing the Lawn Without Breaking a Sweat (or the Bank!)

I'm not sure anything calls up the proverbial image of "dad" more than a man out mowing the lawn.  It's about the most dad-esque image that doesn't include a [...]

Middle Class on FIRE

The folks over at OurNextLife (a fantastic blog on the topic of Financial Independence / Retire Early ("FIRE") issued an interesting challenge recently that [...]

Why the Thought of Not Being Middle Class Scares Me to Death (and Should Scare You Too!)

I've shared before that some of my biggest financial mistakes of my 20s were not budgeting, becoming comfortable with debt and not saving.  It turns out, this [...]

Good Health, Sports and Personal Finance

Okay, this may be one analogy too many, but stick with me here..... Good Health = Diet and Exercise My exercise of choice is running.  When you run [...]

Selecting a Daycare

My wife and I both work.  As a result, daycare is a part of our lives (and a big part of life for my two-year-old). My eldest daughter is currently on her [...]

Personal Finance Basics – Part 1: Reading Your Paystub

This is Part 1 in my Personal Finance Basics series. It doesn't get much more basic than understanding the numbers on your paystub.  It's amazing how much [...]