I am a husband, father of two and have been working as a tech professional for nearly twenty years.

Being a “A-Player” at work has taught me very little about succeeding as a husband, father and citizen.  I’ve started this blog to begin to chronicle my research and on-the-job training in fatherhood, being a good husband and personal finance… perhaps with a bit of work / geekdom thrown in.

MCD & Family Selfie

MCD & Family Selfie

As tends to be the case when you research something, you get some answers / conclusions (some of which are even correct) but mostly you get more and more questions.

Check out what I think it means to be middle class and why I wouldn’t live any other way.

I only have my perspective on these topics (unless you share yours!) and I am an expert on nothing…. so I hope you’ll share your thoughts in the comments!