RANT: Our Personal Finance “soft-lies”

The folks over at Our Next Life recently posted an article entitled "The Retirement Lie."  As with most of their articles, I found that it paralleled a lot of my own ways of thinking about life - BUT, it was not the article I thought I would be reading! When I read the title of the article, The Retirement Lie, I thought about what I would call the [...]

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Trial By Fire / On-the-Job Training – How We Learn Parenting

I've been giving a lot of thought lately to how our years of schooling prepare us so little for some of the most critical aspects of our lives.  The most important thing I [...]

5 Steps to Sleeping Through the Night (Parenting Holy-Grail #1)

Sleep is important.  I know, shocking revelation, right? I am a horrible person when I don't get enough sleep.  The father I want to be is patient, loving and engaged - [...]

Debt: How to get out (9 Steps) and STAY OUT!

Debt. Is there a more foul four-letter-word for us in the middle class? Soul-crushing, marriage-ruining, ulcer-inducing DEBT. Debt is your enemy and your family's [...]

Baby Sleep 101 – 5 Rules for Putting Baby to Sleep and Keeping Your Sanity!

Sleep is important for everyone.  A baby's sleep is particularly important for their growth and development and for your ability to sleep and generally get anything [...]

“Can we go to the park tomorrow?”

This was the first question my two-year-old asked me after getting out of bed this morning (she's a big fan of the word "tomorrow" - though she says it more like [...]

Defining “Middle Class” and How to Get There!

Let me get this out of the way first: If you choose to define middle class by income level, most guidelines returned by Uncle Google will indicate that I moved out of this [...]